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Mobile and Computer Spying App-varna school for blind

TheOneSpy cell phone and Computer Monitoring App

Cell phones and computer machines are very common these days. People use these gadgets and machines for so many different reasons such as for communication reasons and as well as to perform digital operations on computer machines such as windows and MAC. On the other hand, there are plenty of people out there that want to monitor the cell phones and computer for plenty of reasons such as for parenting, tracking employee’s activities and to keep an eye on the spouses. Let’s discuss how they can track the target smartphone and computer laptop or desktop machine. They just need to use the cell phone and computer surveillance software.

Cell phone & Computer spying software

There is no doubt about that it stands among cell phone monitoring. It allows a user to use it as for parenting, employee monitoring and to keep an eye on the spouse. It has plenty of features that are best in the business of tracking the cell phone that is running with the android, IOS, and blackberries and even to the MAC and Windows computer devices. A user can get it from the web within a reasonable price and complete and free guidance on the installation process and its working. Let’s discuss smartphone and computer tracking software.

Cell phone spy software Features

varna school for blind-Mobile and Computer Spying App

GPS location tracker

A user can use the GPS location tracker and get to know the exact location of the target cell phone. It further provides a user the location history; current location and user can also mark secure and prohibited areas.
Spy on calls

A user can record and listen to the calls incoming and outgoing on the phone. Moreover, a user can save it all the recorded calls in the online dashboard.

Text messages spy

A user can view all the sent and received text messages on the target cell phone, a user can also do messages monitoring, BBM chat messages, MMS and head up tickers notification.

Live screen recording

It allows a user to do record all the activities happen on the screen. A user can do all the trendy IM’s screen recording such as Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp screen recording, Yahoo screen recording, and others. Furthermore, a user can do chrome screen recording, SMS screen recording, email screen recording, and password chaser.

TOS spy 360

It empowers user’s record and listens to the surround sounds and conversations with the help of spy 360 live surround listening. Moreover, a user can also hack the front and back camera of the phone and get live camera streaming with the help of spy 360 live camera streaming. However, a user can easily share the screen live on the TOS online web portal and a user can see the live cell phone screen activities through live camera streaming of TOS spy 360.Mobile and Computer Spy App-varna school for blind


Computer monitoring app (windows +MAC)

The computer spying app enables a user to spy on both the machines such as OS windows and MAC devices. Let’s take a look at the state of the art features.

On-Demand screenshots: for windows

A user can get remotely screenshots of the activities happen on the target windows machine with the help of on-demand screenshots of the windows surveillance software.

User-friendly reports: for windows

Simply users can get time to reports of the activities performed on the computer device running with the window operating system. It keeps updating the user regarding whatever a user has done on the machine to the fullest.

Keylogger: for MAC

A user can get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target phone by using the keylogger of the MAC monitoring software. It enables a user to get keystrokes such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and last but not the least email keystrokes.

MIC BUG: for Mac

It empowers a user to hack the MIC of the target mac machine and a user can listen to the conversations happen on the device and in the surrounds in real-time.

Website Blocking: for windows

A user can block all the websites on the target windows machine that are inappropriate. They just need to put the URLs of all the websites into the filters of windows spying software.


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