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Coloured Contact Lenses & Eye Health and Safety

Fashion has always been a huge factor for people, and no one likes to be left behind the latest fashion trends. Talking about the latest fashion trends, you must have heard about coloured contact lenses. These are small medical devices that are worn on your eyes that allow you to enhance your eye colour or in fact completely change it. These are wonderful fashion accessories; they are made such that they appear perfectly natural. So, even when you are wearing coloured contact lenses, the eyes appear perfectly natural, just the eye colour appears more beautiful. Of course, in order to look beautiful, you must keep in mind about safety precautions you need to take. Otherwise, you may put your eye health in danger.

What Else?

You must be wondering how is that possible, the coloured lenses enhancing our eye colour, right? Well, it is made possible because of the coloured tints on the contact lenses. Now, before we get into the tints, you should know that your eyes have different shades of colour and along with that our eyes have lines and freckles that give such a wonderful eye colour. Keeping all that in mind, check the tint of the coloured lenses, they are also made identical to the eyes. They also have lines, designs, patterns and colour shades to mimic our eye iris. With the right colour, you can either enhance your eye colour or change it. You would be required to choose the right tint for your eyes depending on the colour of your eyes and skin tone.

That said, you should also know that coloured lenses are medical devices and there are safety rules and guidelines that you should follow if you are going to use them. We will discuss them much later.

Now we shall discuss the different types of coloured contact lenses that you can use.

Coloured Tints

Enhancement tints

The first we have been the enhancement tints; these tints are translucent and once placed on the eye they enhance the colour of the eyes. That is why they are known as enhancement tints. Because they are translucent, they allow some of the eye colour to appear through them. So, if you can choose the right colour to blend in with your eye colour then you can produce some great eyes.

You need to keep in mind that enhancement tints are only good for light coloured eyes as darker eyes would reduce the effect of these translucent tints

Opaque tints

Then we have the more solid coloured tints known as the opaque tints. As their name suggests, these coloured lenses are made to cover the eyes completely and change the colour to whatever the colour of the lens is. People with darker coloured eyes use opaque tints to enhance their eye colour and make a bold fashion statement. But these lenses are not restricted just for dark eyes, but they can also be used for light coloured eyes.

Well, these are not the only type of coloured contact lenses, you also have the visibility tints. These tints have a very faint colour on them that would be of no effect on the eyes. The light colour is so that you can spot them if you drop them by accident.

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Coloured Contact Lenses, Safety & Eye Health

Coloured contact lenses are probably one of the greatest fashion accessories nowadays. Not just for making a fashion statement, but they are simply amazing even for special events such as Halloween and other stuff. But no matter for whatever reason you are using them, they will always be regarded as medical devices. You just cannot hope to be careless with these devices.

  • Make sure you do your research first before purchasing your coloured contact lenses. Find the online store or brand that is reputable and sells quality product. Never compromise on the quality of the product.
  • Also, get your eyes tested by a doctor before you go out to buy coloured contact lenses to learn about the lenses you should buy.
  • After we have bought the lenses, we must make sure that we clean our hands and store the lenses in a clean place. Hygiene is of utmost importance
  • Never ever share your coloured lenses with anyone. They are your property. Sharing could transmit eye diseases from one person to another.
  • Never wear coloured contact lenses for far too long. The wearing time is usually written on the packaging, so you should follow that. Wearing for too long deprives the eyes of oxygen and your eyes will get dry.
  • Don’t go to sleep while wearing your coloured contact lenses. It can cause abrasion in the eyes.

So these are some very important yet simple guidelines to follow. This is all to ensure you can maintain your eye health.

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